“Don’t forget leprosy (Hansen’s disease)” Photo Contest: Post your photos on social networks!

As a side-event of the Global Appeal 2022 to End Stigma and Discrimination against Persons Affected by Leprosy in conjunction with World Leprosy Day/World Hansen’s Disease Day, Sasakawa Leprosy (Hansen’s disease) Initiative is organizing a photo contest on the theme of “Don’t forget leprosy.”

The theme is based on the “Don’t forget leprosy” campaign started by the Initiative to keep leprosy, or Hansen’s disease, from being overlooked during the COVID pandemic.

If your photo is selected, it will be displayed on the Global Appeal 2022 website in the Photo Exhibition section.

Theme: “Don’t forget leprosy”
Photos should put a “human face” on leprosy and show the people and communities affected by the disease in different ways. Especially during the COVID pandemic, people affected by leprosy have faced many challenges in terms of their livelihoods, health and mental well-being.
Photos can depict the daily lives of persons affected by leprosy, their activities as well as initiatives to support communities of persons affected by leprosy/Hansen’s disease during the pandemic.

How to take part: You can take part simply by posting your photos (with captions) on your Facebook and Twitter accounts using the hashtags #DontForgetLeprosy or #DontForgetHansensDisease and #GA2022. (You are welcome to add other hashtags too, such as #Endstigma, #WorldLeprosyDay, #Leprosy or #HansensDisease.)
You may also use the “Don’t forget leprosy” campaign logo.

Recommended resolution: 1200 × 628 pixels (When shooting with a mobile phone, using the highest-quality setting is recommended)

Social media: Facebook, Twitter

Application Deadline: January 9, 2022
Selected images posted by January 9, 2022, will be featured on the Global Appeal 2022 website in the Photo Exhibition section.


  • Winners will be selected by the Global Appeal Secretariat.
  • Winners will be announced on January 30, 2022, on the Global Appeal website.
  • Winners may be asked to resubmit data.
  • Photos may be used on the Sasakawa Health Foundation website and social media for raising awareness of leprosy.
  • Please use photographs that promote dignity of a person.