Announcement of Appointment of New President, Dr. Takahiro Nanri

The Sasakawa Health Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Takahiro Nanri as its new President. Dr. Nanri, who has served as Executive Director of the Sasakawa Health Foundation since 2017, assumed the role of President as of 21 June 2024.

Dr. Takahiro Nanri

Dr. Nanri brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to the foundation’s mission. In addition to his current role, he is a Visiting Scholar at Showa Women’s University, Atomi University and Chuo Gakuin University in Japan. He previously served as Associate Professor at Atomi University as well as Vice Chair of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy.  His extensive experience in leadership and advocacy is reflected in his numerous positions.

Holding a PhD in community development, Dr. Nanri has dedicated his career to supporting and empowering vulnerable people for the past 30 years at several foundations and NGOs by tirelessly working in collaboration with stakeholders worldwide.

In his new role as President, Dr. Nanri will continue to lead the Sasakawa Health Foundation and the Sasakawa Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) Initiative with the same dedication and vision that has characterized his career. His extensive background and expertise will be invaluable as the foundation advances its mission of “Better Health & Dignity for All” and “Towards a leprosy-free world.”

Upon his appointment, Dr. Nanri shared the following message: “I am deeply honored to assume the role of President at Sasakawa Health Foundation. This foundation has a long history of commitment to global health and the elimination of leprosy, and I am eager to continue this important work. Together with our dedicated team and partners worldwide, we will strive to support and empower those affected by leprosy and work towards a future free from the disease and the stigma it brings. I look forward to leading our efforts and making a meaningful impact on the lives of many.”